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Jazmine Sullivan's Heaux Tales (Concept Art)
Heaux Tales is a Pop/R&B album released by Jazmine Sullivan at the beginning of 2021, and my top album of that year. The album was nominated for countless awards and received the Grammy for Best R&B Album. The deluxe version was released in the following year, in February 2022 and featured additional 'tales' and songs.
Blender, SparkAR
Spoken tales introduce each track on Jazmine Sullivan's album. As I listen to the album, each track plays similar to a book; each being a new page or chapter. I wanted to create this filter to visually emulate that listening experience. This filter uses target tracking to trigger the camera filter effect that opens up the Heaux Tales storybook. The target to capture is Sullivan's Heaux Tales deluxe album cover. Once scanned, a book will appear "on top of" the album cover and open to show a cover page. Directions on the first page tell the user to choose a tale by tapping a name from the on-screen UI menu. When a name is selected, the respective tale will show in the book and users can read along as they listen to the spoken word and songs.
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