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Ivy Park (Concept Art)
Ivy Park is an athleisure clothing line created and operated by Beyoncé in partnership with Adidas.
SparkAR, Adobe Illustrator, Blender
Inspired by the Ivy Park Rodeo campaign, I created an interactive AR filter on Instagram. The filter features a 3D model of a cowboy hat. I created the purple cow print design to emulate the custom hat by Patric Wang used in the campaign. The filter uses a face tracker to place the cowboy hat on the users' heads. It also features dynamic text to display the day which can be changed/turned off by tapping the screen.
What is needed to be a student at University? A custom student I.D. ! To coincide with the Halls of Ivy drop, I created this immersive, interactive filter to generate your own I.D. for the Halls of Ivy. Once the screen is tapped, users have 3 seconds to pose for their portrait. After 3s, their face will be "scanned" indicated by the houndstooth film – a signature pattern for this collection. The portrait image will be captured and the user will be shown the completed I.D. with space to add in their name/handle and their student I.D. number. Each I.D. number is somewhat unique in that the numbers change each day with the numerical date of capture following the release date number sequence.
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