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ROSE – Lady M Cake Boutique
To create an immersive experience, ROSE and Lady M joined forces to develop experiential Mid-Autumn filters. The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival, is a traditional festival in Chinese culture. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, Lady M introduced the limited edition 2023 Moonglow Gift Set. The gift set was inspired by the classic garden moon gate arches and doubles as a keepsake jewelry box, featuring a pearlescent surface adorned with depictions of the full moon, lucky rabbits, festival lanterns, and decorative foliage; and is filled with miniature mooncakes.
Project Timeframe:
June - August 2023
Figma, SparkAR, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Lady M Moonglow
For this activation, I took creative lead in making an experience to enhance their exclusive holiday gift set. My responsibilities included conceptualizing two Instagram experiences aligned with the brand's vision, visualizing those concepts, presenting to the external Lady M team, creating user stories, and managing contracted 3D artists. Additionally, I jumped in on engineering efforts to execute final updates to the SparkAR filters.
To coincide with their marketing strategy, we produced two separate filters. For their influencer pre-seed campaign, the Instagram filter guides those with the unit in-hand to align a 3D rendering of the gift set with their physical product using plane detection. Once users drag and resize to match up their unit, they tap to start the experience, setting a boundary for the digital elements that appear. Alongside their physical set, users can view a 3D rabbit hop into the camera scene followed by instructions guiding them to swipe around the screen the move the rabbit. As the rabbit moves, 3D floral elements appear in its path allowing users to create their own Mid-Autumn garden-scape. The second filter allows customers to preview the gift set with a 3D render of the unit and the ability to create their own garden in the same way.
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