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ROSE – Premier League Summer Series
In partnership with Premier League and Doppelgänger, our team at ROSE created an augmented reality trophy hunt where fans have a chance to hunt for Premier League club trophies in five cities across the USA. Users in the Maryland/D.C., Philadelphia, Orlando, New York/New Jersey, and Atlanta areas can use the in-experience map to discover and locate 20 trophies in the run up to Premier League’s first-ever Summer Series.
Project Timeframe:
May - July 2023
Figma, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop
Premier League Trophy Hunt
Working with Premier League, we designed this AR scavenger hunt experience utilizing 8th Wall. I was responsible for overseeing the UI asset development, managing our 3D contractors, as well as designing minor 3D elements, all interaction animations, and images used in the 3D environment. This included revisions to each of the 20 teams' unique badges, transforming them into 3D objects, and creating assets for use with 8th Wall's sky segmentation. As we were based in the United States, we also helped to identify the trophy locations along the east coast and worked to set each individual trophy and city geofence – 20 trophies in 20 specific locations across 5 cities. With this large sum of assets, the team used Contenful as a CMS to manage the unique specifications of each instance.In the experience, fans in participating cities use the in-experience map to discover and locate the 20 trophies.
Upon entering a trophy boundary, users tap to place to reveal a 3D trophy and collect the respective badge to add to their trophy cabinet collection. By collecting trophies around the city, users gain entries into Premier League’s Summer Series giveaway. Fans can take photos and videos with their collected trophy, as well as turn themselves into the trophy using the front camera face filter. For fans outside of the participating cities, an at-home version allows users to support their favorite team and experience a trophy reveal in AR.
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