Rare Acts


Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty's mission is to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. For Mental Health Awareness Month, I created a filter for their #RareActs campaign encouraging users to pay it forward.
Effect House | TikTok
Lens Studio | Snap
Meta Spark | Instagram
8th Wall | WebAR
October 2021
This Instagram filter was part of the #RareActs campaign and featured a random generator programmed in Meta Spark. When users tap the screen, a card is randomly selected, presenting a positive act as a personal challenge. Each card prompts the user to perform a specific action, encouraging them to contribute positively to someone else's life.
Tools +
🔘 Illustrator
🔘 Meta Spark
🔘 Experience Design
🔘 Social AR Development
The design and functionality of the filter aimed to engage Rare Beauty's community of 3 million members, inspiring them to partake in simple yet impactful acts of kindness. This interaction not only increased the campaign's reach but also deepened the user's connection to the brand's core values. The randomizer element added an element of surprise and engagement, making the experience both interactive and rewarding.