Perfect Strokes


Rare Beauty

For the launch of Rare Beauty's new product, Perfect Strokes, I created an Instagram filter for the Rare Beauty profile. The filter used to promote the campaign focuses on natural beauty and showcasing each individual's perfectly imperfect, unique features.
Effect House | TikTok
Lens Studio | Snap
Meta Spark | Instagram
8th Wall | WebAR
August 2021
I collaborated with Rare Beauty to develop the "Perfect Strokes" Instagram filter, a pioneering project to accompany one of their initial product launches. The filter was designed not to simulate the mascara application, but rather to enhance natural beauty, aligning with Rare Beauty's mission. Using Adobe Illustrator for the creative design and Meta Spark for the technical implementation, the filter enhanced users' features subtly and beautifully, promoting confidence and self-acceptance by pulling focus to different areas of the scene.
Tools +
πŸ”˜ Illustrator
πŸ”˜ Photoshop
πŸ”˜ Meta Spark
πŸ”˜ Creative Direction + Ideation
πŸ”˜ Experience Design
πŸ”˜ Social AR Development
Users can tap the screen to alter the style of their live camera feed, toggling between black and white or color modes. This feature adds a dynamic layer to the user experience, allowing individuals to see themselves in different aesthetics, along with the option to switch the frame styling. This project showcases how digital tools can align with a brand’s ethos and engage a community beyond their physical goods.